Saturday, September 17, 2011

Iphone obsession

I have to admit that I'm quite late to get on the iphone bandwagon. Not that I never liked its feature functions. My hubby has had one for a couple of years and I like to play with it. He is sometimes surprised by the variety of weird and wonderful apps that I find. However, I've always worried that if I owned one, it'd be another time blackhole - and I have enough of those ... Haha.

Well, long story short, an iphone came my way for free and I graciously accepted :)

Oh my goodness! There is no end to this toy. Is there? I don't even use it as a phone.
What has excited me most so far are the photography apps. Pure fun!

I'm loving these photos today ....

Now you can't pry my iphone off my hands! ;)

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