Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo gifts

Christmas is coming soon. I probably should have posted this sooner, but if you are still looking for gifts for photography lovers, you must check these sites out!

-> Photojojo
This site has camera gizmos of all kinds. My wishlist mainly comes from this site: the Dreamy Diana lens and the iphone lenses are on top of my list :D

-> Lensbaby
If you don't mind spending a bit of money do go here. I have one of the original lensbabies and they are totally fun to play with. This Christmas, my hubby (the most awesome person in the world ever!) is getting me the Composer Pro. I know the holiday season is all about giving, but this year, I can't wait to open my own presents!

-> Holga Direct
Love toy cameras? I love their effects and would love to try out their lenses on my DSLR. A little ironic really, since I traditionally have been on the quest to get the sharpest and clearest photos.

-> Paper Coterie
If you are looking for unique photos books, mini books, photo collages, visit Paper Coterie. I love the quality and the prompts they provide for some of the products.

-> Photo Apps
And if you are looking for smaller, more affordable presents  or stocking stuffer-kind of presents for someone who has an iphone, why not consider buying them apps?

I am starting to like Hipstamatic - only $1.99. And if you want to "splurge" a little, you can buy hipstapaks, which allows you to add lenses, film and flashes to the standard Hipstamatic app.

This is all I have for now. I'm off to fold laundry ... *eek*

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday iphone favorites

Ah last week was crazy busy. My daughter had daily rehearsals for a Ballet show called A Winter Wonderland. After school, homework, dress rehearsals .... I was spent. I don't know how my six year old copes with it. But miraculously she comes home with a smile every day. Yesterday was show time. And in between her 2 shows was the only time I managed to take a few photos this week. Here is my favorite ...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday iphone favorites

Ah, I'm actually posting this on a Monday. There is hope for me (to be organized) yet.